Did You Know Lladro Makes Urns?

Everty Urns

That’s right urns! Turns out Lladro has a collection for funeral homes that consists of “memento” angel figures and a selection of urns. These pieces are almost unknown outside the funeral industry and even most die hard Lladro collectors have never seen them before. While they are not part of the regular Lladro line and are made under the Everty name, the design is unmistakably Lladro.

Everty Urns by Lladro

The urns feature a safety lock mechanism, easy to transport packaging and are also designed to pass through x-ray security systems in airports.

Everty Angels by Lladro Porcelain

The Everty Angels have a customizable plate to be attached in the place on the back of the memento and the lid has a container to store a keepsake and photo.

Lladro Everty

So now there is a way for serious Lladro collectors to show how much they truly love the finest porcelain in the world!

One thought on “Did You Know Lladro Makes Urns?

  1. Francisco Javier torres

    My mother use to have lladro porcelain and im looking for an urn to comemorate her pass away… can anyone help me. It is very special for me to find a star. Her name was Estrella means star in english, pls someome help me

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