Lladro Figurine Repair Specialists

Lladro Repair

I am sure you are aware of the three natural predators of Lladro porcelain…
Cats, Children, and Maids.  If you have had one of your Lladros damaged, do not  fear.  Lladro has a rather extensive list of officially authorized restoration  centers throughout the US. and Canada. So that special Lladro your husband bought you on your honeymoon doesn’t have to sit in the box in pieces after Whiskers decided it would be “cool” to rub against it.

Lladro Figurine Authorized Repair Specialists

6 thoughts on “Lladro Figurine Repair Specialists

  1. Desiree Brown

    I need to find a a reputable company to repair a broken Lladro – on the last move a thumb broke off one of my Lladros. I saved the two pieces! HELP!!! Thanks!

  2. Namdhari Singh

    I am in India and I have a few lladro pieces but in damaged condition .I don’t know any restorer can anybody pls help me find one.I bought them from a dealer so no original lladro bill


    2 of my figurines fell on tile floor.
    Lladro kneeling Sancho with sword and
    NAO Don Quixote with book and sword.
    Both statues purchased in Spain.
    They are now headless and suffer other cracks and broken pieces.
    I have as many pieces as I could find. Can supply a picture.

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