A Collector’s Book Of Retired Lladro by Peggy Whiteneck

A Collectors Book Of Retired Lladro
For collector’s looking to uncover information about the early history of Lladro there are many places to find it. Unfortunately most of these sources vary little in what knowledge they have to offer. Most spout off the same basic facts that can be found on dozens of other websites and offer little new insight on the companies evolution. Fortunately Peggy Whiteneck has authored a wonderful book that gives us a unique look into the Lladro company. This 138 page paper back book sheds new light on an array of Lladro subjects and even surprised us with interesting facts that we had never read before. It is a great read that focuses on Lladro’s figurine lines and we highly recommend it to any collector who wants to delve deeper in to the history of Lladro and some of it’s other brands.

A Few Of The Subjects Covered Include:

The making of Lladro figurines and how the process has evolved over time.

Lladro authentication marks and stamps.

A F.A.Q. list for collector’s looking to purchase retired Lladro Statues

The renegade defection of a chemist and two artists from Lladro in the mid 60’s.

Tang Figurines – A brand that some believe to have been created by the renegade Lladro defectors.

Rosal Figurines –  A brand that is reputed to have been created by Lladro solely for the purpose of putting a (renegade) competing brand out of business.

Golden Memories – An ill fated lower end line of Lladro figurines produced from 1992-1994 to compete with Precious  Moments.

NAO Figurines – A line of smaller and more basic designs in the classic Lladro style that are still being made today.

Zaphir Figurines- A line of  figurines from the 70’s-80’s with very obscure ties to Lladro early on. In the end Lladro appears to have purchased this company and eventually stopped it’s production.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today of
A Collector’s Book of Retired Lladró by Peggy Whiteneck.

You can find a pull-down menu of ordering options at her web site,

One thought on “A Collector’s Book Of Retired Lladro by Peggy Whiteneck

  1. Suzy Q

    I love Lladro figures. I have collected them for years with my mother. I think I will have to check out this book. My mom wants to read it as well.

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