We are all about Lladro Figurines. Everything, and we mean everything is Lladro. We eat, drink and sleep Lladro. From how it’s made to where it comes from. What’s being released to what’s being retired. New Lladro to old Lladro. This is the place on the internet to find all the Lladro information that you could ever want.

Is there something we are missing or any questions you have always wanted to ask?
Just drop us a line and we will be glad to dig deep and come up with the answer!
Just as long as it’s Lladro.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have some authentic Lladro (per Llado.com) Angel figures. We believe them to be the second mark used in the mid 60’s to 71. The figure was released in 1970 so we believe that these are the first examples from the series! The pieces are ‘Angel with flute’, ‘Group of Angels’, and ‘Angel Praying’.

    We did have some confusion though as they seem to be glazed, but per Lladro.com, we have the retired versions, which we thought were to be of matte finish. I’m reaching out to you in the hopes that you could perhaps provide some knowledge as the availability of information from these old pieces is extremely limited. If you are interested in seeing photos, please send me an email that I can send the photos to.


  2. David Hotchkin

    I just bought a home and in the four corners of a decorative pond are four whimsical goddess like statues approximately four feet tall. At the base appears to be an inscription that says LLandro IIi and a date of 1934, I have read that the LLandro brothers started the company in the 1950’s, however, was there a prior relative that was an artist and or a statue maker. I am trying to determine the origin or these statues and there value as I may want to sell them.

    Can someone help?

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