The Art Of Protecting Porcelain, Artisians Of Boxes.

Lladro Figurine Box

Lladro lives on the edge constantly pushing the boundary of what can be created in porcelain. The artists incessantly wanting to design something that has not been done before. More intricate flower work. Additional delicate lace. Fine fingertips that stretch out. Bigger pieces that are more delicate than ever. The drive to push the envelope just a little further can not be resisted. It’s easy to appreciate the talent that is demanded by art.

Lladro Boxing Instructions

But have you ever thought about the box? The box that must bring creative genius across continents and oceans. The box that must protect against drops and shoves. The box that must ensure art is delivered intact and not found in a coffin of broken shards and dreams. Here too talent is required. A sharp mind that can foresee the unseen and protect against the unknown. A unique ability to think three dimensionally plus a combination of engineering and physics is required. So yes, we should appreciate the box and the talent that created it.

To read more about the boxing of Lladro figures click here.

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