Lladro Chandeliers
Lladro 56 Light Winter Palace White Chandelier

A chandelier is considered by many to be the pinnacle of a well appointed home. From it’s very inception chandeliers were functional status symbols that the average person could not afford. Over time the materials used to create them has changed dramatically.

The first chandeliers were created during the medieval ages and were simply two pieces of flat wood bound together in the middle with candles placed at the four corners. Continue reading “LLADRO ELEVATES CHANDELIERS TO AN ART FORM”

The Dawn Of A New Day, Lladro Has Been Sold To An Investment Group

The only constant in life is change and that has now found it’s way to Lladro Porcelain. After years of meandering sales, the Lladro family came to the conclusion that a new infusion of ideas and capital was needed to keep the Continue reading “The Dawn Of A New Day, Lladro Has Been Sold To An Investment Group”