Want To Go To The Lladro Museum In Spain? We Will Take You!

Lladro Porcelain Museum

If you have ever wanted to go to the Lladro Museum in Valencia Spain but couldn’t, we have the next best thing. How about a virtual tour? Sure you wont be there in person but you don’t have to worry about knocking anything over or suffer through jetlag when your done!

Lladro Museum

For those of you that are not familiar with the Lladro Museum, it is an exposition dedicated to Spanish porcelain creations and a selection of paintings. The two permanent exhibits are the Historic Porcelain Collection and the Pictorial exhibit.

The Historic Porcelain Collection consists of Lladro Statues from the early fifties through the current day. Some of the very first Lladro designs are on display along with many other milestone creations, of which none are for sale. Arranged by decade, these pieces show the companies growth in artistic design and technical expertise through the years.

Lladro Porcelain Exhibit

The Pictorial Exhibit comprises over 70 paintings from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Academism and Costumbrismo periods. This display is a trip back through history and features artist such as Rubens, El Greco, Vicente Macip, Juan de Juanes, Juan Ribalta, Sánchez Cotán, Valdés Leal, Francisco de Zurbarán, Vicente López, Ignacio Pinazo and Jusepe de Ribera lo Spagnoletto.

Lladro Paintings Exhibit

In addition to the permanent exhibits, talks and seminars are held on various artistic subjects.

So why wait any longer? Let’s take the virtual tour. Be forewarned, it is a little hard to navigate the controls and if you want to see the second story of the museum do yourself a favor and take the elevator! Bon Voyage.

To take the Lladro Museum Virtual Tour click here.

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