Trying to find information on a retired Lladro Figurine?

Here is a question we get on a daily basis.
I have an older Lladro Figurine and would like more information on it. What should I do?
Or, I am looking for a piece I saw years ago and always wished that I had purchased but now it is retired. How can I acquire it?

When you have been creating porcelain works of art for as long as Lladro has, you will build up an incredible array of sculptures. How would one go about finding information on a piece from years past? Once pieces retire and are no longer being made, where do you go to find out what they are worth?

Well don’t fret because we have the answer. It’s of course!
This is an incredible site that has everything you need to know about retired Lladro from decades past. Whether you want to sell your Lladro collection or find that special piece you missed, this is where you should start. Janet Gale Hammer owns and operates A RETIRED COLLECTION, which specializes in the secondary market for retired Lladró figurines. With the most extensive library of retired Lladro Figurine pictures, prices and information, has been recognized by the Lladro family as a trusted site that all collectors should check out! We have, why don’t you?

Kinda funny though that a person with the last name of Hammer runs a Lladro site. Normally you would want to keep those away from your Lladro collection!

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