Hot Hot Hot – Lladro Figurines Trial By Fire

Lladro Trial By Fire

The door closes and suddenly its pitch black. Slowly the temperature begins to rise getting hotter and hotter. The heat increases until the outer glaze and porcelain body begin to fuse. At this very moment Lladro Porcelain becomes completely water proof and the fabulous colors are seared into the figurines. This is the “Trial By Fire” that every piece of Lladro must go through.

Did you know that Lladro Figurines shrink up to 15% in size when they are fired?
Or that firing temperatures reach well over 1,300 degrees celsius?
Or that some pieces take over an hour just to be put into the kiln?

If this has sparked your interest then be sure to check out this fascinating article on how Lladro Figurines are created. Click here to read more.

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