2013 New Lladro Figurines

Lladro New Releases

The new 2013 Lladro Figurines are shipping out and there are some truly special pieces being introduced. Topping the list are five statues that commemorate Lladro’s 60th Anniversary. These are classic designs that have been reimagined to celebrate the sixty years of history making porcelain that Lladro has established. Only available this year, they will be retired on December 31st.

Lladro Skirt Full Of Flowers 60th Anniversary Edition
Lladro Passion And Soul 60th Anniversary Edition
Lladro Allegory To The Peace 60th Anniversary Edition
Lladro Gathering Flowers 60th Anniversary Edition
Lladro Heavens Harvest 60th Anniversary Edition

A new collection of Lladro lamps are here to brighten up your day. With over 35 styles to choose from, there is one to match any decor in your home. And to make things easier the matching shades are included!

Five new Lladro Naturofantastic pieces have been added to the already breath taking table decoration set. These colorful pieces represent a journey to the most dreamlike side of Nature, conjured up in the imagination of Lladro artists

Over 90 new Lladro Figurines have been added, so take a few minutes and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t regret it!

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