Lladro Chandeliers
Lladro 56 Light Winter Palace White Chandelier

A chandelier is considered by many to be the pinnacle of a well appointed home. From it’s very inception chandeliers were functional status symbols that the average person could not afford. Over time the materials used to create them has changed dramatically.

The first chandeliers were created during the medieval ages and were simply two pieces of flat wood bound together in the middle with candles placed at the four corners. While this design was not costly to create, the candles themselves were quite expensive. Anyone who could burn four at a time simply to illuminate one area of a room must have been quite well off.

As time passed artists began to improve on this design and incorporated new materials into chandeliers construction. Ornate metal arms were added so that dozens of candles could be burned and even more light could be generated. In 1676 a British man using lead oxide created a new type of glass that was much easier to cut and was able to be produced in different colors. This was a major step forward and the wealthy flocked to acquire these new masterpieces of home decor. Over the next hundred years designers began to make their designs increasingly intricate adding more and more glass elements. This is when the traditional chandelier shape and look that we know today was solidified.

An interesting side note: During this time much of the lead glass was produced in England and eventually a tax was levied on it. So a company decided to move to Ireland in order to avoid paying the tax and stated a company. The name of that company….Waterford!

The next major change was started by Daniel Swarovski who patented a technique that allowed true lead crystal to be easily cut into various shapes. The glass of yesterday suddenly looked cloudy and dark next to the shiny faceted crystals that were being produced in new shapes and sizes.  The very wealthy had yet another way to separate themselves and show the world how successful they were.

Today Lladro has decided to elevate chandlers to the next level by taking traditional designs and replacing the crystals with fine Spanish hand crafted porcelain. This game changing idea creates chandlers that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Using varied colors and patterns Lladro Chandeliers are now the pinnacle of the well appointed home.

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Lladro Porcelain Chandeliers
Lladro 40 light Belle De Nuit absolute black chandelier
Lladro Belle De Nuit Multi Color Chandelier
Lladro Belle De Nuit Multi Color Chandelier

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