2017 Lladro Spring Releases Are Shipping!

It’s that time of year again when temperatures rise, flowers start to bloom and new Lladro figurines begin to appear. Take a look at all the 2017 Spring Lladro Releases!

Lladro Allegory Of Liberty Re Deco Figurine 01009300
Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandelier 56 Light Absolute Black 01023790
Lladro Belle De Nuit Chandelier 56 Light White 01023769
Lladro Cactus Firefly Lamp Golden Fall 01023794
Lladro Cat With Mask Pendant Golden Figurine 01010151
Lladro Corsair Bulldog Pendant Golden Figurine 01010153
Lladro Corsair Chihuahua Pendant Golden Figurine 01010152
Lladro Daisy With Flowers Figurine 01009252
Lladro Fawn With Mask Pendant Golden Figurine 01010150
Lladro Hitoiki bowls 01009623
Lladro Holiday Joy Tree Topper Golden Re Deco 01018433
Lladro Kokeshi I Re Deco Figurine 01009094
Lladro Kokeshi III Re Deco Figurine 01009095
Lladro Lily With Flowers Figurine 01009253
Lladro Lotus Firefly Lamp Golden Fall 01023792
Lladro Merry Christmas Santa Figurine 01009254
Lladro Naturofantastic Organic Nature Table Lamp Gold 01023728
Lladro Naturofantastic Table Lamp Multicolor 01023757
Lladro Lotus Firefly Golden Fall Table Lamp Green and Blue 01023793
Lladro Paper Boats Figurine 01009258
Lladro Running Figurine 01009257
Lladro Sake bottle 01009619
Lladro Sake cups 01009620
Lladro Shochu Rock Tumblers 01009622
Lladro Tea cups 01009621
Lladro The Silver Guest Little Figurine 01007740
Lladro This Bouquet Is For You Figurine 01009256
Lladro Tiger Black Silver Figurine 01009261
Lladro Wedding Day Figurine 01009262
Lladro White Quarter Horse Figurine 01009273

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