2013 Lladro Retirements Announced

Lladro Figurines has announced their 2013 retirements and we unfortunately have to say goodbye to some of our favorite pieces. As you may know once pieces retire they become very hard to find and their price usually goes up quite a bit over  time. Many of these are still available while supplies last. Don’t delay, order yours today before they disappear forever!

The 2013 Lladro Figurine Retirements are:
Bedtime Prayers
Beluga With Calf
Against All Odds
Arctic Family
Sheep In The Meadow
Ram In The Meadow
Sheep In The Meadow (Black)
Ram In The Meadow (Black)
A Quiet Conversation
Bridge Of Dreams
Summer Roses
Sunlight Child
Snow Maiden
At The Waterfall
Born In 2012 Boy – Fair Skin
Born In 2012 Girl – Fair Skin
Born In 2012 Boy – Dark Skin
Born In 2012 Girl – Dark Skin
My Playful Pet
Fatherhood Mural (Green)
Lonely (Blue)
Sea Slumber
Friends In The Park
Lolita (Re-Deco Platinum)
A Grandmother’s Love
Fountain Of Life
A Tender Caress
Motherhood Mural (Salmon)
A Child’s Love
The Gift Of Life (White)
Unconditional Love (Re-Deco)
2012 Christmas Ball
2012 Christmas Bell
2012 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)
Humble Grace
Circus Time
A World Of Magic
The Magician’s Hat
Little Tamer
Stage Partners
Bohemian Melodies
Harlequin’s Melody
A Moment’s Pause
Before The Dance Mural (Grey)
Shy Ballerina
Mother Nature
Father Frost
Long Day
Lazy Day
Away To School
A Comforting Friend
Ready To Go, Time To Go
Moonlight Child
Somewhere In La Mancha
Quixote Mural (Grey)
Bar Mitzvah Day
My Bat Mitzvah
Metropolis Vase I Light Grey
Metropolis Vase I Dark Grey
Metropolis Vase I Anthracite
Metropolis Vase I Light Green
Metropolis Vase I Dark Green
Metropolis Vase I Light Yellow
Metropolis Vase I Dark Yellow
Metropolis Vase II White
Metropolis Vase II Light Grey
Metropolis Vase II Dark Grey
Metropolis Vase II Anthracite
Metropolis Vase II Light Green
Metropolis Vase II Dark Green
Metropolis Vase II Light Yellow
Metropolis Vase II Dark Yellow
Metropolis Vase III White
Metropolis Vase III Light Grey
Metropolis Vase III Dark Grey
Metropolis Vase III Anthracite
Metropolis Vase III Light Green
Metropolis Vase III Dark Green
Metropolis Vase III Light Yellow
Metropolis Vase III Dark Yellow
Metropolis Vase IV White
Metropolis Vase IV Light Grey
Metropolis Vase IV Dark Grey
Metropolis Vase IV Anthracite
Metropolis Vase IV Light Green
Metropolis Vase IV Dark Green
Metropolis Vase IV Light Yellow
Metropolis Vase IV Dark Yellow
Metropolis Vanity Mirror White
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Light Grey
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Dark Grey
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Anthracite
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Light Green
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Dark Green
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Light Yellow
Metropolis Vanity Mirror Dark Yellow
Metropolis Box White
Metropolis Box Light Grey
Metropolis Box Dark Grey
Metropolis Box Anthracite
Metropolis Box Light Green
Metropolis Box Dark Green
Metropolis Box Light Yellow
Metropolis Box Dark Yellow
Metropolis Lamp White
Metropolis Lamp Light Grey
Metropolis Lamp Dark Grey
Metropolis Lamp Anthracite
Metropolis Lamp Light Green
Metropolis Lamp Dark Green
Metropolis Lamp Light Yellow
Metropolis Lamp Dark Yellow
Oriental Dance
Tea Light Candle Holder (Black)
Bud Vase (Black)
Kyudo Archer
In Touch With Nature (Re-Deco)
Basketball Dunk
Tennis Ace
Spring Splendor (Re-Deco)
Woman On Horse – Green (Re-Deco)
Woman On Horse – Glazed-Matte (Re-Deco)
Air Nymph (Re-Deco)
Water Nymph (Re-Deco)
Forest Nymph (Re-Deco)
Juanita (Re-Deco Platinum)
Magic Forest Bridal Crown
Magic Forest Bridal Tiara
Balance, Balance (Gold)
Magic Eire (Silver)
Wealth Magnet
Wealth Magnet (Gold)
Power Mandala
Inner Star
Balance (Silver)
Magic Eire (Gold)
Wealth Magnet (Silver)
Peace Mandala
Peace Mandala (Gold)
Peace Mandala (Silver)
Gothic Cross
Gothic Cross (Gold)
Gothic Cross (Silver)
Lucky Heart
Lucky Heart (Gold)
Lucky Heart (Silver)
Tibetan Mandala
Prayer Wheel
Circus Time
Bridge Of Dreams
With All My Heart

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