Lladro Debuts The Dazzle Collection At Maison et Object

Lladros New Dazzle Collection

Never one to rest on its laurels, Lladro has introduced a new and strikingly different array of figures in its forth coming Dazzle Collection. Taking designs from the past and adding a decidedly unique painting scheme, Lladro has created something that collector’s have definitely never seen before. The black and while striped figurines are a break from the classic Lladro style that they have become known around the world for, and it will be interesting to see how the U.S. market responds to them. One thing for certain is that Lladro is going after a new and more modern type of audience as a way of expanding its global appeal. No word yet on a U.S. launch date.

LladroDazzle Macaw

Lladro describes the Dazzle collection as:

“a series of Lladró pieces with a new decorative approach inspired by the camouflage technique based on a complex pattern of geometric shapes. Through the contrast of black and white and the enriching confusion of the lines interrupting and intersecting each other, this artistic exercise creates a new image of Lladró’s existing pieces that acquire greater energy and a renewed capacity to express sensations.”

Lladro Dazzle Collection

2 thoughts on “Lladro Debuts The Dazzle Collection At Maison et Object

  1. Rick

    Wow. that is very different than any Lladro I grew up with. Not sure my mom would like that for mother’s day but I could see it in an upscale New York apartment.

  2. Sandra

    I love these! So modern for such an older company like Lladro. I was never in to the children with flowers that you see so much of but these are great!

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