Lladro Expands Into The Lighting Market With Belle De Nuit

Lladro Chandelier

Over the last few years we have noticed several new companies expand their collections into the ever growing lighting market. Not to be out done, Lladro has jumped into the fray with its new Belle De Nuit Collection. Taking inspiration from the classic crystal chandeliers of old, Lladro has applied its knowledge of porcelain and created something uniquely different. Most striking is the use of a color palette that is much more colorful than what we have come to expect from Lladro Figurines.

Lladro Wall Sconce

Matching wall sconces are also available to create a unique décor that would impress even the most discerning individuals. Additionally, a collection of over 40 lamps decorated in the classic Lladro style have been added. These should prove very popular with Lladro’s core collector base, who may be looking to add another figurine to their collection but can’t find space in the curio cabinet.

Belle De Nuit by Lladro

Here is a link to the official press release……Click Here

One thought on “Lladro Expands Into The Lighting Market With Belle De Nuit

  1. Hi. This range looks fantastic ! does lladro have the belle nuit chandelier in 6-8 lights, with a maximum height of 20″ in multicolour or any other colour ? table lamps of the same family wud be grt too !

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