What do Lladro Figurines have to do with chemistry and engineering?

The Chemistry and Engineering behind Lladro Figurines

The answer is more than you might think. While everyone can appreciate the artistic side of Lladro’s beautiful porcelain, most people never think about the engineering and chemistry that goes into their creation. In the early days, Lladro was forced to use the materials and techniques that were available at the time. But they quickly reached the limit of these and decided that they must forge their own way. Slowly gathering together a highly qualified group of chemists and engineers, the Lladro brothers began to experiment with new ways of forging porcelain that would allow their unique genius to be fully expressed. Science and creativity joined hands in the most unlikely of places. A world of beauty and emotion. A captivating art form that still pushes the boundaries of porcelain to this day.

Read more about the science behind Lladro Figurines here.

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