The Lladro Spring Releases Are Now Shipping!


We love new Lladro Figurines! It’s like Christmas day to us. Even though we have seen many of these pieces in pictures over the last several weeks nothing compares to viewing them in person. A picture may say a thousand words but that’s just not enough to describe the beauty of these laborious works of art. Over the

next few weeks we will be doing a spotlight on some of our favorites.

Here Are All Of The Lladro 2016 Spring New Releases

Lladro Paternal Protection Figurine 01009215
Lladro A Fantasy Breath Figurine 01009223
Lladro Straight To The Heart Figurine 01009209
Lladro Heavenly Cellist Figurine 01009186
Lladro Quarter Horse Figurine 01001980
Lladro Spring Days Figurine 01009213
Lladro Love’s Bond Figurine 01009224
Lladro Blessed Family Figurine 01009218
Lladro Tree Lamp 01023186
Lladro Tai Chi Figurine 01009226
Lladro Golf Champion Figurine 01009228
Lladro Flamenco Feeling Figurine 01009214
Lladro Matador Green Figurine 01008730
Lladro Cutouts Lithophane Votive 01018413
Lladro Peonies Vase Figurine 01009211
Lladro Dolphins Dance Dazzle Figurine 01009162
Lladro How Is The Party Going Figurine 01009222
Lladro Porcelain Kisses Blue Figurine 01009201
Lladro Contemplative Young Girl Figurine 01009221
Lladro Hear My Heart Figurine 01009212
Lladro Our Reading Moment Figurine 01009225
Lladro Holiday Joy Tree Topper 01018423
Lladro Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine 01009229
Lladro The Black Guest Little Figurine 01007733
Lladro The Green Guest Little Figurine 01007737
Lladro The Blue Guest Little Figurine 01007736
Lladro The Red Guest Little Figurine 01007734
Lladro The Yellow Guest Little Figurine 01007735
Lladro The White Guest Little Figurine 01007732
Lladro Quixote Lithophane Votive Light 01017370
Lladro New Beginnings Operation Smile Figurine 01009219
Lladro Ek & Khanda Lithophane Votive Light 01017371
Lladro Light Tulips In Spring Lithophane Votive 01017368
Lladro Mademoiselle Hanging Lamp 3 Light Sharing Secrets 01023552
Lladro Mademoiselle Hanging Lamp 4 Light Walking On The Beach 01023555
Lladro Mademoiselle Lineal Lamp 3 Light Gathering At The Ocean 01023561
Lladro Mademoiselle Hanging Lamp 6 Light Gathering In The Lawn 01023558
Lladro Winter Palace Chandelier 12 Light Cote D’Azur 01023525
Lladro Children’s Curiosity Figurine 01009174
Lladro Buleria Red Figurine 01009183
Lladro Samurai Toy Figurine 01012552
Lladro In A Tropical Garden Special Edition Figurine 01008738

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