The Lladro Town Musicians Of Bremen, 10th In The Classic Children’s Tales Collection

Lladro Town Musicians Of Bremen 01008686

The Lladro Classic Children’s Tales is one of our all time favorite collections. It fills us with memories of our youth and a time of wonderment and joy. So we were jumping for joy when Lladro announced the newest addition, The Lladro Town Musicians Of Bremen 01008686. This lesser known Brothers Grimm fairy tale relates the trials and tribulations of four aging animals that band together to find a new place in the world for themselves. Eventually they foil a band of robbers and take the residence as their own, living out the rest of their days together.

View the Lladro Town Musicians Of Bremen 01008686 here.

The Town Musicians Of Bremen Statue

The bronze statue of the Town Musicians was created by Gerhard Marcks. It was installed in 1953, initially on loan from Marcks’ workshop. Dr Hanns Meyer, head of the tourism organisation, appealed to Bremen’s community spirit and collected donations to make the animals’ home permanent. Aided by a loan from the city, the pyramid of animals standing one on top of the other was purchased for 20,000 deutschmarks. To this day, it remains one of Bremen’s signature attractions along with the town hall and the Roland statue.

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