Lladro Figurines Announce The 2014 New Spring Releases

Lladro Figurines 2014 New Releases

With Spring right around the corner it’s that time of year when Lladro Figurines announce their 2014 Spring New Releases. This year we have some truly exceptional new sculptures to enjoy. Take a few minutes and give them a look.

The 2014 Lladro Porcelain Spring new releases are:

Lladro Rise Of The Phoenix Figurine 01008565

Lladro Lavatera Blossoms Figurine 01008651

Lladro Wild Orchids Centerpiece 01008654

Lladro Kintaro And The Bear Figurine 01008687

Lladro Matador Red Figurine 01008729

Lladro Romanesque Cross 01008748

Lladro Let’s Swing Figurine 01008752

Lladro A New Life Figurine 01008753

Lladro Venus Figurine 01008754

Lladro Discovering The World Figurine 01008755

Lladro Maiko Figurine 01008757

Lladro Leticia Figurine 01008758

Lladro Gabriela Figurine 01008759

Lladro Desiree Figurine 01008760

Lladro Alida Figurine 01008761

Lladro Unbreakable Spirit Figurine 01008762

Lladro Meditation Figurine 01008772

Lladro Celebration Of Spring Figurine 01008773

Lladro Fu Lu Shou 01008776

Lladro Peacock Figurine 01008777

Lladro Sweet Menina Figurine 01008779

Lladro Soothing Lullaby Figurine 01008781

Lladro Blossoming Of Life Figurine 01008782

Lladro Sweet Adolescence Figurine 01008785

Lladro Galloping Herd Figurine 01009086

Lladro Great Dragon Golden Figurine 01001973

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder Black 01007956

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder White  01007957

Lladro Naturofantastic  Single Candleholder Multicolor 01007958

Lladro My Little Family Figurine 01008689

Lladro Pretty Pickings Carnations Figurine 01008705

Lladro Flamenco Flair Red Figurine 01008765

Lladro Thinking Of My Debut Figurine 01008770

Lladro My Debut Dress Figurine 01008771

Lladro Tables For Sweets And Peach Flowers 01008774

Lladro Happy Boy’s Day Figurine 01008775

Lladro Her Special Day Figurine 01008784

Lladro Arabian Pure Breed Black Figurine 01001919

Lladro Naturofantastic Single Candleholder White & Gold 01007959

Lladro Flamenco Flair Green & Purple Figurine 01008766

Lladro Fly Me To The Moon Golden Anniversary Figurine 01008788

Lladro  Fly Me To The Moon Silver Anniversary Figurine 01008789

Lladro Taj Mahal Lithophane Votive Light 01017360

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